About Helfand Enterprises

Get to know Helfand Enterprises, LLC

Helfand Enterprises, LLC is a business consulting firm serving small business owners in reviewing business and marketing plans. Helfand Enterprises was founded by Dennis Helfand in 1998 and provided extensive web site promotion, web site design and consultation for clients across the U.S and Alaska, specializing in establishing a strong web presence and optimizing E-mail as a marketing resource. After having sold a small business in 1997, Dennis originally worked with innkeepers in promoting their businesses online and eventually assisted some of these innkeepers in selling their properties via the internet.

The birth of Webconsuls…

By late 1999, Dennis formed Webconsuls, LLC with W. Richard (Dick) Fay and Helfand Enterprises became a small division of Webconsuls focusing solely on listing inns, hotels and B & Bs for sale. The business model which appealed to sellers was that Helfand Enterprises was able to attract  interested buyers using advanced web marketing development expertise. Yes, we were successful in selling a number of these properties.

From 1999 Webconsuls, LLC grew to be a leading internet web site development firm with clients across the United States (many of whom are still part of Webconsuls' portfolio), providing search engine optimization, web site marketing, social media marketing and the designing and updating our clients’ sites. Judy joined Webconsuls in 2006.

Webconsuls continues to evolve…

Webconsuls continued to grow and we hired specialists who could support us and our clients in designing new sites, managing site maintenance, becoming experts in search engine optimization, receiving certifications in pay per click management all the while working directly and indirectly with our clients.

Selling Webconsuls…

In late 2014, Dennis, Dick and Judy began planning a transition strategy to sell Webconsuls in a manner that would respect our clients’ needs and ensure a smooth transfer. And while the lure of retirement was captivating, we committed to each other that a transfer of ownership would focus first and foremost on administering our clients’ businesses continued success. On February 23, 2015, our contractors Malik Moosa Soomar, Heidi Trow and John McGhee purchased Webconsuls from Dennis, Dick and Judy.

Coming full circle

Webconsuls remains one of Helfand Enterprises’clients. While both Dennis and Judy are active business consultants for Webconsuls, Dennis is now focuses on his work as a Business Ambassador for southern Arizona companies. Please contact Dennis or Judy Helfand to discuss your business needs.

Located in Southern Arizona, we are proud members of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.