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Don Zavis Sales Training

"It has been my great privilege to work with Dennis for these past many months. His professionalism and dedication have increased my visibility by 10 fold with the local Chambers of Commerce, Groups and Associations with which I'm involved. Dennis' representation resulted in a sale in the first 30 days of our relationship and have continued to produce results monthly.

As my Ambassador, he carries my message to the events that, due to conflicting schedule issues, I would have never been able to attend.   I would then have lost out on all of the potential revenue and relationships these events produce.  But not any longer.  If you are serious about improving your sales and visibility, Dennis' Ambassador Program is the best I have ever seen." 
March 2017

David Arond - eVideoCreations

"Dennis Helfand is an extraordinary networker, fostering business growth and strategic partnerships. Dennis brings incredible passion and business knowledge to his clients. Unlike useless business Apps that promise the world, Dennis actually delivers and is committed 200% to the success of his clients. I highly recommend Dennis to any business that needs an "Ambassador" to develop new business."
April 2017

Priscilla Márquez
Vice President of Business Development
Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

"Dennis Helfand has been a member of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC) since July 2010. He remains active in promoting the THCC because of the benefits he sees for his clientele and because he values the quality of service the Chamber provides. He has referred many top-notch companies to THCC. New member solicitation and existing member retention are two of his highest priorities."

"Dennis is an energetic and dedicated member of our Ambassador committee. As an Ambassador, he has volunteered to keep records of the group’s activities in an effort to be certain that Chamber members are always receiving broad-based support from Chamber volunteers, which ultimately will result in higher visibility and Chamber-generated success stories for the member businesses."
May 2017

Mark Adkins, Ph.D. - ThinkTank Collective Intelligence Software

"I am a Digital Transformation consultant and used Dennis to set up a session with an economic development council, that could lead to a multi-million dollar real estate client." 
April 2017